The New York Times

While working as an in-house designer for the New York Times, I had the pleasure of art directing the website for their branding campaign, “These Times Demand the Times.” The goal of the campaign was to highlight the journalists behind the stories by describing the breadth of their expertise.

One of the challenges of translating the print campaign to the web was the need to make a finite amount of information seem infinite. While it was important to highlight star journalists, the web interface needed to allude to the galaxies of content behind these key figures.

To address this challenge, I made the main interface minimal, with small boxes for the main journalists being featured. This small scale presented the journalists as nodes and invited users to interact with the content. Once a user clicked on one of the boxes, they were immediately gratified with multiple windows that could be rearranged. These windows allowed exploration of featured articles, animated radio spots, and video reporting.

The clean design was received as a refreshing contrast to the busy, information-driven design of the New York Times website.