The Mattress Factory

“The Mattress Factory is a museum of contemporary art that presents art you can get into—room-sized environments created by in-residence artists. Located in the historic Mexican War Streets of Pittsburgh’s North Side since 1977, the Mattress Factory is one of a few museums of its kind anywhere.” The museum features multiple exhibitions annually with a distinct permanent collection, including works by James Terrell and Greer Lankton.

MF’s archive of ephemeral, performative, and site-specific work presents unique challenges. Each installation is a group of objects that might include artworks, plans and models for an installation, process photographs, and audiovisual materials. Each constellation of objects around an installation can be part of a larger constellation of an exhibition or group show.

To make the design adaptable to multiple hierarchies, I created a system of horizontal scroll areas that stack together. All the categories of objects related to an artwork are visually equally presented. The user gains a preview of all the contents before choosing which section to focus on, such as other artworks by the artist or related exhibitions.

The archive architecture and programming is by Whirl-i-gig.