Parrish East End Stories

East End Stories documents the dynamic history of visual artists on the East End of Long Island. This website provides access to biographical information, art historical narratives, photographs, and maps that enable visitors to explore the lives of hundreds of artists who have lived on or visited Long Island from the 1820s to the present. The archive includes snapshots and studio locations of artists including Jackson Pollock and William Merritt Chase as well as writers such as Edward Albee.

What makes East End Stories unique is that in addition to artwork, the archive explains how the artwork relates to the geography of the East End as well as the social networks of the artists living and working there. It was important that the website allow visitors to discover these relationships with a clean interface that could present the wide range of data in a concise way.

I approached the design in a way that could allow the viewer to better understand the chronology of all the activities happening simultaneously in the small geographic area. The main interface provides a chronology that describes art movements within the time frame, artist working, and artworks created. By juxtaposing these elements in a grid with specific filters, meaningful associations can quickly be discovered.