CollectiveAccess (CA) is an open-source software produced by Whirl-i-gig. It is a robust application that features dozens of customizable tools for digital archives. It is used by museums, galleries, and historical institutions around the globe.

CA is a specialized product for archives. The promotional site needed to make the community of users more aware of each other by promoting user events, wikis, and developer tool kits. Advanced features of the software needed to be promoted to potential users as well as early adopters, who may be less familiar with recent upgrades in available tools. The most challenging part of the design was illustrating the five main features that CA needed to promote. The audience included a range of experience levels, from library science professionals with programming experience to organizational directors who may know their institutions’ needs but be less familiar with terms like relational databases and metadata. To make dry terms such as these a bit more palatable, I animated iconic illustrations to reiterate the headline text of each feature. The animations were in gif format so they would be easy to load on a range of devices. The remainder of the website was designed as a single page that promoted events, user documentation, and featured projects.